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Broken Springs

One of the most common problems that our technicians see is a broken spring.A spring is a round metal coil that is usually mounted to the wall on top of the door.

Snapped or Frayed Cables

The spring is connected to the shaft, which is a long cylindrical piece of metal that is also located above the garage door. On both sides of this shaft, there are drums.....

Broken Ball-Bearing Rollers

The ball-bearing rollers are small wheels located on each side of the garage door. As the rollers move within their tracks, they hold the responsibility of keeping the garage door....

Loose Hinges

When the ball-bearing rollers are not functioning smoothly, the vibrations resulting from operating the garage door can cause the hinges to also come loose.

Penguin Garage Doors

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Rin Jo
Rin Jo
I needed to have my garage pad fixed as well as get an additional garage remote asap and Al helped me out within 24 hours. 100% recommend. Thanks!
Sam Gajjar
Sam Gajjar
I had my garage door cable rusted and snapped so had to get it replaced. Al was on time, knew what he was talking about and before starting gave an honest opinion that my door could grt damaged because its around 20 years old. But finally got it fixed. Now for sure when I replace my doors in near future, I go to Al @ Penguin Garage Doors. Thank you Al.
Velja Man
Velja Man
Eldad came in when requested and worked really hard to analyze the problem with our old garage door. This was not your typical easy fix situation. He fixed a few things and managed to get the door working again. Very analytical, smart approach and great craftsmanship. Great job!
Damien Wlodarczyk
Damien Wlodarczyk
Service was great fast and friendly thank for your professionalism and work.
Anjana Seevaratnam
Anjana Seevaratnam
My experience with Al was exceptional. The long lasting garage door issue was solved in a couple of hours by Al. Al even went above and beyond by calling the vendor directly and making sure the fix for the issue was confirmed from a manufacturer end. I highly recommend Al and Penguin Garage for any of your garage door needs!
Hussein Mohamed
Hussein Mohamed
Outstanding service! Would highly recommend. On time, quick turnaround and great results. Al was great!
Dave Yoon
Dave Yoon
Al Was very professional and efficient fixing broken bottom bracket and loose cable.
Sal Schillaci
Sal Schillaci
Al from Penguin Was very prompt, reliable and knowledgeable and replaced my control within 30 minuets Thank you SalSchillaci
Nasim Hazari
Nasim Hazari
We needed to get a garage door controller installed. Al was the first to respond to our request. He is very knowledgeable about the products, professional and prompt. I will highly recommed Al and his company.
Billy Boileau
Billy Boileau
Al made an appointment quickly, arrived on time, and charged a fair amount. He is friendly and very knowledgeable. I will definitely call again if I have any other problems.

Penguin Garage Doors

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Frequently Asked

Ideally, no. Installing a garage door yourself should not be on your DIY project list, as it can be dangerous. If you get the installation wrong, you will need to call a professional, which will end up costing more of your time, effort, and money. 

If your garage door is not opening, you can try the following troubleshooting options:

  • Start by checking if the opener is plugged in or not. Also, understand whether the garage circuit breaker is in the right place or not.
  • Next, you can double-check to see if the door is not manually locked by mistake.
  • Check to see if the batteries of the remote control or the keypad need to be replaced or not.
  • Analyze whether you are within the appropriate, recommended range and position if using a garage door remote.
  • In a scenario where you need to open a garage door that is closed, simply pull the emergency release cord (a red rope that hangs from the trolley). 

If none of the above-mentioned tips work, call a professional, or else you risk getting injured. 

Are you struggling with a garage door that isn't closing completely? Don't fret. You can try the following tips to fix a door that won't close:

Tip #1: The first thing you must do is check the sensors (which are nothing but lasers mounted near the floor by the tracks). Sometimes, dirt can accumulate on the lenses of the sensors. A simple wipe with a soft and clean cloth can do the trick. Additionally, if the sensors are blinking, they need to be realigned. So, loosen one sensor until the light becomes steady.

Tip #2: Cross-check and inspect the track and rollers for any damage or whether it is bent out of shape.

Tip #3: Check if the trolley (the part that connects the garage door to the opener) is working properly.

Tip #4: See if the remote's batteries need to be replaced. Sometimes, you may need to reprogram the remote.

Tip #5: Adjust the limit screws if your garage door is not closing all the way and is stopping without retracting.

Tip #6: If your garage door has a blinking light on, chances are there's something wrong. Read the manual or consult a professional right away.

Looking for tell-tale signs of wear and tear on your garage door? Consider speaking to a professional about replacing the door in the following instances:

  1. Inspect if there's damage to the door and its moving parts.
  2. See if the door is closing and opening properly or not. The underlying issue could be a misaligned sensor or a failing opener.
  3. Replace the door immediately if you sense safety issues due to outdated internal parts. One of the first things to fail is generally a garage door sensor.
  4. See if your energy bills are on the rise. If the garage door's seals are not working properly, your home's insulation will deteriorate, and your bills will rise.

The best garage door for you will depend on your needs, budget, and goals.

For example, an aluminum garage door is a cost-effective option. Plus, you can choose from a wide variety of design options. Additionally, aluminum garage doors are low maintenance in nature.

If you are looking for a popular garage door option, go for a roll-up garage door. It comprises a series of panels that can roll up and down a track. These doors are convenient and a modern, aesthetic addition to your home.

You can go for a steel garage door if you want a durable installation. Low-maintenance and economical in nature, these doors come in various color options.

You can also integrate insulation to improve the R-value and boost your door's longevity. Some other popular garage door materials include wood, faux wood, fiberglass, etc.

Yes, adding a lock is a great idea if your garage door is not automatic. This will boost your home's safety and security.

However, if your door is automatic, then adding a lock can become an issue if someone tries to open it with an opener forcibly. This will damage your garage door and can cost you (literally).

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